How to Make a Pom-Pom

Published December 6, 2015 by estherknit

PomPom13A pom-pom (also spelt pom-pon) is a loose, fluffy, decorative ball or tuft of fibrous material. Pom-pons may come in many colours, sizes, and varieties. Pom-pons are shaken by cheerleaders and sports fans during spectator sports. Pom-pon is derived from the French word pompon, which refers to a small decorative ball made of fabric or feathers.

How to make Pom-Poms

Decide the size of the pom-pom you want.  You can use a pom-pom maker.


However, if you don’t have a pom-pom maker, then you can make your own. Cut two circles of card. The diameter should be slightly larger than the size of the finished pom-pom.  Cut a smaller hole in the centre of each circle about half the size of the original diameter. The larger this hole, the firmer the pom-pom will be.


Hold the two circles together and wind the yarn around the ring using several strands at a time until the ring is completely covered.


As the hole in the centre gets smaller, use a sewing needle to pass the yarn through the hole.


When finished, cut all around the yarn at the outside edge, between the two circles.  Make sure all the yarn has been cut.  Separate the two circles about 1 inch, but be careful – do not remove the circles yet. Now, wrap a length of yarn around the middle and tie firmly in a knot, leaving sufficient length for sewing the pom-pom in place.


Pull off the two circles carefully.  Use this length of yarn to create a circle for hanging up or attaching to your hat.  Trim the pom-pom.








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